third post

Band: Joanna Gruesome
Album: Weird Sister
Song: Wussy Void
Release date: 2013

i went to a joanna newsom show in 2006. after listening to a terrible celtic band open for 1+ hours, j.n. finally came on stage with her harp, only to claim that she coudn’t see her strings and storm offstage- ending her show after only playing 2 songs. milk-eyed mender my ass – she lost a fan that day. so of course i was sold on this band’s name alone. this is also just a great song. 

really into all these lady-fronted bands lately [frankie cosmos, charly bliss, weaves, jenny hval, nancy pants, mannequin pussy, baby shakes, lucy dacus, mitski, cherry glazer, etc.] so this is right up my alley. that three note guitar riff gets me every time. plus the album name is super fitting for this blog…



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