fifth post

Band: Superorganism
Album: n/a
Song: Something for Your M.I.N.D.
Release date: Jan. 23, 2017

this is not at all the kind of music i listen to. but this caught me off guard. 
Superorganism is an 8-piece band with members in london and a 17-year old girl in new englad. it’s funky, it’s poppy, it’s jangly and lazy. and it makes me smile every time. 

i thought you might like it. 

think a more psychedelic moldy peaches mixed with washed out

i almost posted rogue wave’s cover released last week of ‘let my love open the door’ bc valentine’s day… check it out if you’re interested. 

v dreamy. you can stream the rest of their cover album here

third post

Band: Joanna Gruesome
Album: Weird Sister
Song: Wussy Void
Release date: 2013

i went to a joanna newsom show in 2006. after listening to a terrible celtic band open for 1+ hours, j.n. finally came on stage with her harp, only to claim that she coudn’t see her strings and storm offstage- ending her show after only playing 2 songs. milk-eyed mender my ass – she lost a fan that day. so of course i was sold on this band’s name alone. this is also just a great song. 

really into all these lady-fronted bands lately [frankie cosmos, charly bliss, weaves, jenny hval, nancy pants, mannequin pussy, baby shakes, lucy dacus, mitski, cherry glazer, etc.] so this is right up my alley. that three note guitar riff gets me every time. plus the album name is super fitting for this blog…


first post

here’s the plan: we’re sharing songs that are important to us – all time favorites / earworms / songs in heavy rotation at the moment / whatever – and telling the story of why it’s important to us. maybe it reminds you of a certain time in your life, or a person. you can write one sentence, you can write a hundred sentences. doesn’t matter. include a link to the song (spotify/soundcloud/youtube/bandcamp/etc). let’s see what we end up with.

Band: Grandaddy
Album: Under The Western Freeway
Song: A.M 180
Release date: 1997

this song always makes it on to my favorite-songs-of-all-time list. i think I heard it for the first time when i was in 8th grade or so… so maybe 2002 or 2003 (late to the game, i know). when dad used to have a radio show, ear x-tacy would give him free, newly-released cds in exchange for him promoting them on air. our dad is the coolest, right? so this was one of those cds. and this song has always stuck with me. i love when the drums come in. i love the opening lines “don’t change your name /keep it the same / for fear i may loose you again / i know you wont / it’s just that i’m unorganized / and i want to find you when / something good happens”. that’s good stuff, that’s real good stuff.

a great album all round (nonphenomenal lineage, summer here kids, go progress chrome, etc.)


*edit 2/5: forgot to mention their new single “evermore” was released in early january. very different sound. not to be confused with “everlong”, although i can’t help but hear the similarities…also i should note that i haven’t listened to any of their other music aside from the aforementioned album. so take that for what you will